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Time for HMRC to get real on serious tax evasion

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We often hear from our members that they’ve had a problem with HMRC. Either they can’t get through to them on the phone, they’ve been taxed too much, provided with the wrong tax code, or they’ve been fined for non-payment despite having paid.
Yes, you name it, HMRC have done it.

And now they’ve really gone and done it by ‘naming and shaming’ small businesses who’ve failed to pay their dues.
Let’s get this straight, we won’t defend any business that fails to pay what’s owed to the tax man. Every company has a moral responsibility to pay what’s owed.  Not a penny more, not a penny less. That’s just fair, and most right thinking people would go a long with this.

But for HMRC to go after small business over what is frankly small potatoes, is just inexcusable when big business have been, and still are, getting away with multi-billion tax scams. It’s wrong, it’s not right, so just what are HMRC thinking? In fact, what was the Government thinking by allowing this to happen?

HMRC should be doing a whole lot more to expose the big bad businesses out there who still persist in not paying their way and shirking their responsibilities. Not focussing on plumbers and hairdressers.

Let’s look at the figures. The amount of tax outstanding by the small firms listed on HMRC’s dodgers list stands at around £1million. OK, to most people, that’s a lot of money.

But let’s put it into perspective. The amount of tax aggressively avoided by big business every year stands at a predicted tidy £5 billion. That’s enough to pay for two new aircraft carriers every year, or thousands of schools, or hundreds of new hospitals. Hey, it could even help pay off a chunk of the deficit.

As you can see, and as usual, HMRC has got everything back to front. 

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