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Member Service - Pension-led Funding

Alternative Business Funding in the UK

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With more than 20 years of specialised work in the field of pensions and business funding, is one of the largest providers of alternative business funding in the UK

What is Pension-led Funding

  • Minimum pension fund £50,000
  • Terms available from 3-10 years (loans can be replaid at any time without charge)
  • Must be a UK owned and registered business (LTD, LLP)
  • Repayment rates between 7% and 12% over bank base rate - paid to your pension scheme
  • Facilitated through an HMRC registered Pension scheme

"to be able to tap that source of money through Pensionled Funding at the right time and stay in control of our business made all the difference to us"

If you would like to know more information download the factsheet below or contact our Membership Advisors today.


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