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Break even calculator

This calculator allows you to work out your net profit or loss, based on your expenditure and sales figures.




Cost of sales


Fixed expenditure




Net profit / loss



This calculator tells you how much of your product/service you would need sell in order for costs to equal sales, leaving you with at least a net profit of zero.


Projected fixed expenditure



Sales required to break even







Cost of sales - This should not be greater than the profit from sales. If it is you are already running at a loss, regardless of your expenditure. Please use the calculation below to work out your loss.

Fixed expenditure - This is spending that is fixed in amount and paid at fixed times, such as loan repayments (including interest), insurance and rent.

The calculation

Net profit/loss = Sales – (Cost of sales + Fixed expenditure)

Break even volume = Fixed expenditure / (SalesCost of sales) x Sales

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