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Ian Gordon is the Managing Director of Peak Translations Ltd, a small firm that provides a full range of language services, including translating and interpreting, for businesses throughout the UK and worldwide.

Ian has joined the campaign because he believes that it is vital that we improve business and consumer confidence if we want to see the economy improve. We talked to him about Get Britain Trading and about what he sees his business and others' getting out of the campaign.

Why have you joined the campaign to Get Britain Trading?
"Get Britain Trading is a vital initiative which Peak Translations is pleased to support. I was in Germany last week and they were all saying 'Recession, what recession?' There is an air of enthusiasm and confidence over there. Of course Germany has a strong manufacturing industry but it is confidence that is the key factor in its economic strength. Business is all about confidence and this is what I hope Get Britain Trading will achieve. If the campaign succeeds in increasing levels of confidence it will help to revitalise the British economy."

What is your key message to the Government?
Ian in particular would like to see the Government take action to provide small firms with advice and support for exporting. "We exist to help businesses that are active internationally, so we support the points in the Get Britain Trading manifesto relating to international trade and exporting in particular. If what you're doing is valued by your target market and you market yourself properly, you will reap the rewards. We help people to build their reputation across these target markets, localising their message for maximum effect. The Government can also help by providing information about opportunities and markets abroad so that business owners can assess the potential rewards and take the next step into selling abroad."

Do you have any Get Britain Trading advice for other businesses?
"For businesses that are thinking of selling their products or services abroad, it's vital that they consider cultural factors as well as language differences, and that is where a good translation company is invaluable. Peak Translations is helping to Get Britain Trading by assisting businesses with trading abroad. We can provide businesses with some tips on getting the best from your translator and firms can contact us directly if they would like a copy."

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