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Have you seen the light?

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It looks as if the Government is finally grasping the nettle and moving forward with a plan for the UK's energy. However, this action will take many years to achieve, and meanwhile the cost of electricity and gas continue to rise. There is however, something that you can do for your company, to limit these price hikes.

You can register your company details with FPB partner Utility Options, who will arrange the following free service (free to members of the FPB) for you: 
  • Find out when the contracts for your current electricity and gas providers have to be renewed.

  • Prompt you to make arrangements at the right time that will allow you to accept the lowest quotation. Some providers like BG and npower require 90 days' termination notice, and if you fail to take this simple action, then they are at liberty to extend your contract for another year or two, at higher prices than are available elsewhere. 

  • As Utility Options claim a small fee from the supplier, they do not invoice you for their services. You will receive a full quotation service, back-up and technical support. Utility Options do not claim any of the savings they make for you.

  • They are independent consultants and control over 200,000,000 kWhs of electricity and gas, which strengthens their buying power, to enable further reductions to your costs.

  • They will negotiate a detailed contract and service agreement for your attention, saving you time.
If you would like expert help with your electricity and gas contracts, click here.

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