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Cost-cutting telecoms tips

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In tough economic times it is difficult to know where to cut costs without the risk of losing business. One way you can reduce your overheads is by looking at switching your business telecoms provider.

Here are our top tips to consider when looking for a new provider:
Don't be fooled by special introductory offers
Always read the small print and make sure that you are saving money throughout the life of the contract, not just at the start.
Consolidate your services
If you get all your services under one roof, you can ask your telecoms provider to issue you with only one bill. This keeps things much simpler for you, plus, if all your services are with the same provider, you are likely to be able to negotiate better rates.
Pay by Direct Debit
Most companies charge an administration fee to pay by cheque or through BACS, so paying by Direct Debit could be the cheaper, hassle-free option for you. Plus, paying buy Direct Debit can often mean that you get a preferential rate.
Online billing
By choosing to receive your bills online, not only will you be doing your bit for the environment by getting rid of paper bills, but your records will also be easier to access online. Online billing systems may also include added extras such as reporting facilities, which allow you to monitor your spending and reduce any unnecessary expenditure.
Ask the experts
Always discuss your business needs with your provider. They are the telecoms experts, so if anyone knows how to save money, they do. They may be able to suggest a money saving alternative that you had not considered previously.
About the author
This article was provided by our telecoms partner Chess Telecom.
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