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Have your say in our quarterly small business survey

Individually, most small businesses struggle to make themselves heard by decision-makers. Don't stand alone - unite with thousands of your fellow small business owners across the UK to have your say in our quarterly Referendum ballot and influence the people who can make a difference to your business.

What do we do with the results?

We know that spiralling costs are causing a real headache for UK businesses so, in the last Referendum ballot, we asked for your views on the rising costs of doing business.
To find out what you told us, see the infographic below or download a copy here.
Need more information? Download a 3-page summary report and full 14-page report of the results.

Get involved, have your say!

As a member of the Forum, you get the opportunity to express your views and opinions on matters affecting you and your business in the Referendum ballot which is posted to you four times a year.
Sign up to free Introductory membership of the Forum now and we'll send you the next ballot when it's published in November 2013.

How does it work?

Through the ballot, we bring together the voices of all our members - that's thousands of the UK's small business owners - and present the results to decision-makers, whether it be to government, banks or other official bodies, to influence the decisions that affect smaller firms.

Results of historic ballots can be downloaded from the research page.

Have your say

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Find out how we've helped our members to get their voices heard and save money

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