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The Forum polls members on a number of issues. We have three types of research:
  • Referendum is a quarterly ballot, which provides the mandate for our campaigns, lobbying activity and product development, to make sure that everything we do is linked to the needs and concerns of our members.

  • Our 11 member panels provide us with more qualitative research in specific areas. Sign up to a member panel or view published research here.

  • We also undertake ad-hoc research on key business issues. Recent commissions include reports on late payment, and exporting and foreign exchange.
We use this information to inform our policy positions, consultation responses and lobbying. We are always keen to ensure any member can contribute to our panels or provide evidence to support our consultation responses.
We are also able to offer occasional meetings with senior Ministers to raise issues directly. If you are an interested in receiving questionnaires in any of the areas we cover or simply want to offer a one-off case study, email

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