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Through our panels, members of the Forum get the opportunity to have a voice in government, influence the people who can make a difference and shape future legislation.
"If you've ever felt that your voice was not heard, that your opinion was unimportant and nothing would change anyway - think again. We've found the member panels invaluable as a tool to not only get your point over but to the right people, too!"
- Forum member Sam McCallum, Hartwood Oak Buildings
If you often read about government decisions that affect business and have a thing or two to say about it, now you can by joining a member panel. All you need is a spare five minutes every few months to let us know what you think about a business issue.

Benefits to members

  • Available to all levels of members, from Introductory to Advanced
  • Make an impact on future policy-making in government and have your say on the issues you feel strongly about
  • A chance to unite with other small businesses in the UK on issues important to SMEs.

What's involved?

When you sign up to a panel you will receive a short email questionnaire once or twice a year, which will take around five minutes to complete. We may also occasionally send you an email about proposed changes to legislation.

Which panels can I join?

You can join as many of the following panels as you want. Each panel will be contacted once or twice a year, so the more you join, the more involved you'll be.
To sign up to any of our member panels, simply fill out the form below. You must have at least free Introductory membership to join a panel. If you don't, just leave your details here and we'll get in touch:

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