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We work with government as it develops many areas of legislation that affect small businesses. Below is a sample of our responses to recent consultations from Government, select committee and external stakeholder consultations.

Education and skills

The skills of the workforce are vital to small businesses growth. However small businesses are often put off training young people due to the recruitment risk they represent. We have responded to a number of Parliamentary inquires and government consultations on youth unemployment, apprenticeships and the youth contract, in order to put forward member views.

Employment law

Employment law is an area currently being reviewed by government and there have been a number of proposals outlined which could affect small businesses. Our members would like to see a more balanced system rather than the current regime, which is designed in favour of employees. They would also like to see a reduction in red tape, rather than added burdens proposed such as the plans for flexible parental leave and pensions.

Health and safety

Complying with health and safety legislation is costly and complex for small firms. A number of reviews have taken place in order to identify ways to reform the system. Below is the evidence we submitted as part of this process.

Finance, trade and exports

A number of barriers remain in accessing finance and export markets. We recommend that if the Government wants to increase the number of SME exporters, it must tackle these issues by providing training and support for businesses, improving business support from financial institutions and taking greater control over currency trades.


We feel the current UK tax system must be overhauled in order to enable small business growth. Here is our submission to the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) outlining our position:

To find out more about our policy work, email Businesses can get involved in providing evidence for consultation responses by providing case studies or joining a member panel.

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