3 trends you need to know to get media coverage

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In an environment of publicity saturation, how do you make sure your new product or start-up stands out? If you are looking to grab the media’s attention, here are three current trends that you can utilize:


Newsjacking is arguably the most effective way for small businesses to market themselves online. Essentially, it refers to the practice of posting content related to the key news stories of the day in a way that places your company at the heart of the matter. This can drive traffic to your online sites, mark you out as an authority in your field, and direct any media-heads researching stories related to your industry to your company.

There are lots of platforms and tools available that let you monitor what people are searching for on Google, so use one to zero in on a topic that you can make relevant to your product. Once you post your content, push it hard on social media, branding it with all the major hashtags that are relevant to the issue.

Guest blogging

A good way to inflate your profile is to offer your services as a guest blogger on a more popular site. This is particularly true if you wish to be known as an expert in your field and genuinely have some expertise in said field. The great thing about guest blogging on a major website is that the site itself will take care of the marketing for you, giving you a big push at zero expense to yourself.

Social strategy

A social strategy is what differentiates the run-of-the-mill business Twitter account, posting the same tired promotional content, from the company whose social media account gets a solid following from the major media outlets.

Utilise these tools to build a long-lasting relationship with journalists by updating them directly via social media on all the changes that happen with your company. Don’t bombard them, however. Draw their attention to your content in a way that is friendly and open. If it is of interest to them, they will pay attention.

These three trends can help you to get the media’s eyes on your business, with maximum effect and minimum expense.

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