5 reasons why you should have an internet and email policy

And the other issue is do you know what affect misuse could have on your business?

Here we tell you why developing an internet and email policy for your business is a good idea.

1. First and foremost, such a policy is designed to prevent abuse of resources by employees. For example, a recent survey by information security consultancy Global Secure Systems revealed that social networking websites cost UK companies nearly £6.5 billion in lost productivity.

2. You can improve network security with an internet and email policy that restricts access to sites that can infect a company computer with malware.

3. A policy that ensures all emails are archived can help a business document its communication more easily. Such a policy helps dispute resolution because the emails can be audited to check agreements that have been communicated. Ensure that you can store your emails for better peace of mind.

4. Policies should cover the abuse of computer and bandwidth resources caused by the use of video streaming and peer-to-peer downloading. This can have a negative impact on the rest of the company's access to the internet.

5. Adhering to sensible policies can help your business avoid legal actions that can arise from contractual disputes or illegal behaviour, such as downloading bootleg software.

For further information on how to create a social media policy, click here. 

About the author

These tips are taken from the Business IT Guide, a resource developed in collaboration with industry experts to help small businesses find the right IT solutions. Source: Essential reasons for an internet and email policy.

Last updated 8th June 2016.



Your business probably uses email and internet technologies daily, but can you be sure that everyone is using them responsibly?