Annual Leave and Sickness around Christmas

With the run-up to Christmas, workplaces can be a stressful and busy time. This usually ends up with some employees taking a sick day or annual leave. By reading this blog we will help you as an employer, plan ahead with any holiday requests and sicknesses.

Annual Leave

As an organisation, you should have an annual leave policy available for all employees to read. This will give them some guidance and advice, on how to book time off correctly. Sometimes employers may have to restrict annual leave over the Christmas period and this should be stated in the employee’s contract.

It is important that every employee knows if they need to save any annual leave for the Christmas period, while the workplace is closed.

If you manage a team, planning employee’s holidays will help you keep to deadlines by making sure that there is the right amount of employees in, and they don’t clash with other people’s holidays. By also making sure everyone gets an equal amount of time off is important, so that if they do require a day off it is available for them.


Sickness can be a big issue within the Christmas period with flu season in full swing. As an employer, you should remember to stick to the company’s sick policy, to make sure all sick absences are treated fairly. The day after a Christmas party is usually a day employees ring in sick. All absences should be investigated and disciplinaries can be taken if necessary. For more advice, please contact the Forum.