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Are you wooing your new customers – or sending them elsewhere?

In the second of her regular guest blogs, Dee Blick gives some useful tips on how to make your new customers repeat customers.
“You’re the most important person in our universe, thank you! We could not be more delighted to welcome you as a new customer.”
How marvellous would it be if every new customer was made to feel this way and every small business owner felt like this when welcoming and servicing customers?

Alas some businesses still treat new and indeed existing customers indifferently. ‘Plenty more where they came from and if they don’t like what’s on offer, they can take it or leave it.’

And customer service does not have to be bad for a new customer to take their budget elsewhere after just the one purchase. A few months ago I placed an order online with a small business for some nutritional supplements. I did not have to wait long. My order arrived within the timescales promised.

But that was all I got. My order delivered and nothing more.

What could the business owner have done to make me feel special, welcomed and nurtured?

He could have...

1. Sent a nice email thanking me for my order
2. Enclosed a nice letter with my order welcoming me as a brand new customer
3. Sent an email after I had received my order checking all was well
4. Telephoned me a few weeks later or sent an email enquiring if I wanted to re-order, offering a loyalty discount

In choosing to do absolutely nothing he became forgettable.

We had a transactional arrangement. To this business I was a unit, not a customer with a potential lifetime value. And to this day I can’t remember his name or his details.

What a wasted opportunity to woo me and build my loyalty.

If you own a small business getting new customers is one of your biggest challenges. So when you do get a new customer treat them as the biggest jewel in your crown by giving them what they expect and more with bells on. As you can see from my suggestions above it doesn't cost much to do this. This approach works too if you provide services. When a client instructs you, let them know how delighted you are. Tell them what they need to know about your business, who they will be working with; the service standards they can expect from you. They may be a small fish in your big pool but every client wants to feel and believe they are the most important person in your universe.

Don't be content with simply delivering an efficient service. Lavish your new (and indeed existing) customers with tender loving care, gratitude and appreciation.
About Dee Blick

Dee Blick is a multi award winning Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing with 30 years marketing experience. Dee is the author of The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses For Your Small Business which has been endorsed by CIM and is available on Amazon. It’s a practical book, packed with hundreds of proven top tips, templates and case studies and rated as excellent by The Sun newspaper, Elite Business Magazine, CityAM and winner of the BookBag nonfiction book award. 

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