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Business Website Nerves

It is unusual to find a business without a website in the 21st century but some businesses don't have a website. We have been talking to Max Fack this week about how see a website for business and they talk us through some of the key areas of benefits for a business website.  They too know that not everyone is 100% sure about taking the leap into the digital world. You could already be geting a lot of work from word of mouth but you could still use a little more? Is the hassle worth it? The answer to this is quite simple, yes. 

Having a website has a wide variety of benefits some you may know of and some you maybe didn’t think of. Here are 5 of the best reasons to get yourself online and get your business out into the internet stratosphere!

  1. Credibility: The majority of the nation, in fact the world now source solutions online. Gone are the days of the yellow pages arriving on your porch in order to help you find that much needed plumber/builder/account or whatever it may be. Google is the predominant search engine for the world’s questions and queries, and if you’re on there it will give your business more credibility and validity as customers want to research what they’re paying for before parting with their money. Getting a website is a way of giving your business credit, if you’re online more people are likely to trust your legitimacy.
  2. Accessibility: Having a website makes your business accessible to customer 24/7/365. Without one you’re only accessible when you’re able to pick up the phone, which when you’re on site all day can be extremely infrequent. If a customer realises they have an issue late into the night, a website is there first port of contact. They’re not going to call, they’re going to email and wait for a response either in the morning or if you’re awake at the time of request. All our websites are fitted with contact forms that go directly to your email address in order to set up an efficient and professional route of contact between you and your customer.
  3. It Saves You Money: A website costs you money, but not having one could cost you more. Putting adverts out in newspapers, shop windows and other resources can cost up to £20 a week. Multiply that by 52 and you’re looking at £1,000 on advertising alone. offer you a website (discount available to Forum Members only) making it a more effective and cost efficient model of advertising.
  4. It Keeps Customers Updated: Having a website keeps your customers up to date with what’s going on at the business. If you’re off on holiday, update the website to let customers know. An FAQ page can answer the questions they have before they enquire and an up-to-date gallery is a fantastic way to showcase your good work and convince the customer to go with your company. Print advertisements can quickly become outdated, unlike your website. At we offer unlimited content changes throughout the year in order to keep your website up to date and relevant.
  5. It Brings in Business: All of the above lead to one thing - business. We are now living in a digital age where having an online presence is one of the most important factors to any business, no matter how big or small. Everything is done online, people search for plumbers/builders/accountants online and are most likely to be drawn to those with an aesthetically pleasing website that is up to date and informative. All of our websites are fitted with responsive design meaning that they are adaptable to all handsets and tablets which are now accounting for 50% of Google searches. We are also constantly updating and improving our designs on in order to make sure our customers have a website that stands out amongst the crowd. is the first ‘professionally built website’ provider dedicated to sole traders/proprietors and small business owners globally. We understand what it takes to promote these business online and how to help them moving forward. By actually building and managing websites for its customers, instantly removes the hassle, time and confusion of a self-build platform (1&1, Go Daddy, Wix) or the expense of a high street web developer.

If you would like to talk to and are a member of the Forum please do let us know and we can put you in touch to receive the benefits of using via your membership.  If you are not a member please do visit their website today or contact our advisors on 0845 130 1722 to discuss further.

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