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Keeping UK companies competitive

If UK companies are to be competitive then they need to able to benefit from deregulation or better regulation. Let us know your views on your subject by completing our quick and brief questionnaire.

It is clear that a new paradigm is needed for smarter regulation and deregulation. When businesses who trade internationally are prepared to vote to Leave the EU or even consider it then something needs to be done.

The answers could come from politicians who have blamed the EU for any changes and turned the UK tax system into one of the most complex in the world but it is unlikely that they will be able to do it alone. Particularly as the regulatory saving announced by the Department of Innovation and Skills was predominantly down to the fact that retailers selling plastic bags were able to keep the profit (this was £1,017M out of a saving of £885M).

The problem with these figures is that they are academic, if UK companies are to be competitive they need to able to benefit from deregulation or better regulation. Yet deregulation is hard and not noticeable unless changes are significant.

Laws are only ever as good as their application and this means that changes need to be effectively communicated. Businesses need to be made aware of changes, understand the impact so that they can make any changes and also understand why the changes are being made.

While we can summarise the problem, the solution has to come from you, the business owner, you know better than anyone what is the best way to contact you. 

We have a quick and brief questionnaire and would love to hear your views on the subject. So please take a few minutes (so far the average is 4 minutes) to let us know your thoughts. Go to the questionnaire here.

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