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Member Focus - What members want to see in the Autumn Statement

This Thursday (5th December) the Chancellor, George Osborne will present his annual Autumn Statement. The Autumn Statement is in essence a pre-Budget report where the Chancellor updates MPs on the government's taxation and spending plans - based on the economic projections provided by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).With the 2013 Statement fast approaching we asked some of members what business issues they would like to see addressed. 

Guy Liddall, from BackupHR, New Malden

“I would love to see a level playing between big multi-nationals and smaller UK businesses on taxation. We can’t continue to allow them to drive out local operators and then take their tax liabilities elsewhere.”
John Michie, Director of Michies the Chemist, Edinburgh

“Review of Business rates -The basic concept/calculation is no longer fit for purpose.

"For a Business tax still be based on size and location of the premises is no longer appropriate in an increasingly E-enabled global economy. It makes no provision for ability to pay i.e. its liable from first entry into building regardless of business growth ( proportionality) and of course many businesses with little need for property, pay nothing.”
Christine Hogg, Director of CAMS Fire & Security PLC, Stevenage

“I think that Business Rates should be scraped and domestic rates increased. What do businesses get for their money? Businesses even have to pay the council to collect their refuse!

"Late payment is also one of our biggest problems and we would not want to charge interest or have our Customers fined as they will just go to our competitors. I think it is up to the auditors of companies to check whether their clients pay their suppliers invoices on time and than a level / tax can be passed to the Treasury for any late payments.”

Tim Rhodes, Managing Director of Skypark Freight/Logistics, Liverpool

“The most important issue for me is the rules and regulations put in place by Government that affect businesses (particularly SMEs) yet the Government don’t adhere by the same rules nor do they work to the precise budgets that private businesses work within.”

The Chancellor will present his Autumn Statement on Thursday December 5, at 11.15am. What would issues would you like to see addressed in this year’s Autumn Statement? Join the debate on Twitter @The_FPB and follow the official hashtag #AS2013 to see how the day unfolds.

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