Brexit Timeline


The 23 June 2016 saw the majority of the UK vote to leave the European Union.  As eligible voters visited polling stations across the UK to make their vote 51.89% of the voted in favour to leave the EU.  Article 50 trigger was then followed on the 29th March 2017 to follow begin the office two-year countdown to the UK leaving the EU, which is now known as Brexit.

This page is now the Forum of Private Business Brexit timeline and we aim to keep our readers up to date with leading events and information happening around Brexit.



3rd February 2016

David Cameron, Prime Minister gives a statement to the House of Commons on the progress made regarding the UK-EU renegotiation.

22nd February 2016

David Cameron, Prime Minister announces the EU referendum date – 23 June 2016 after securing a deal on Britain's membership of the EU.

The government publishes The best of both worlds: the United Kingdom’s special status in a reformed European Union.

In the House of Commons, David Cameron makes a statement on the UK’s new special status in the EU and announces the date of the referendum.


11-13 April 2016

Published by the Government on 6 April, an EU referendum leaflet is delivered to every household in the UK, setting out the case for remaining in the EU.