Findings from ‘Building and retaining employees’ twitter chat

On Monday 17th July 2017, the Forum held a twitter chat on the subject of ‘Building and retaining the next generation of employees.’ Here are the findings collated from all those involved along with supporting information and tweets from participants.

Building and retaining the next generation of employees is a critical factor in a business’ success. Without selecting the right employee, building their skill and creating the right environment for them to want to stay, you could find yourself facing all sorts of issues. These include managing individuals with a low level of will, not the right skill set for the role and a high staff turnover rate – all of which lead to extra costs incurred by the business and valuable time wasted.

Research findings from this month’s #ForumHour

Many thanks to all those who were involved in this month’s extremely successful #ForumHour about Building and retaining the next generation of employees’This is a subject that has created much discussion due to the significant impact it has on all companies, large and small.

To read more about this and to find out what people and businesses really think about building and retaining staff, please click on the image below or click here.


What is #ForumHour?

#ForumHour is a monthly twitter based discussion in real time based on real issues faced by UK small businesses. You can find out more about our twitter chats and how to get started here.

Details of the next #ForumHour about Compliance

As a business, there is a whole array of things that you need to be doing to ensure that you are compliant. For example, would you know how to register your business or if you need to be registered as a sole trader or a limited partnership? It’s critical to have the right support, advice and protection in place. and this is where the Forum can help.

The area of compliance will be covered in the next Twitter chat due in September. The date will be confirmed soon and will be communicated through our social media channels.

Follow us @The_FPB and use the hashtag #ForumHour to find out the details as soon as they’re released and to join the discussion.

We look forward to tweeting with you then.