As a member of the Forum of Private Business, you are covered by a leading insurance policy which has been negotiated to provide your business with comprehensive protection against the most common legal pitfalls experienced by businesses.

In recent years, the Forum has found that the rapid pace of change means that our member businesses face even more complexity, compliance and regulatory issues, which increase their risks. As a result, a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer appropriate. What businesses need is a business support service that can grow and change with them in order to meet their requirements.

With this in mind, we offer a legal expense insurance cover which is tailored to your business type. The comprehensive legal expenses insurance which is included with a Forum membership will, for example, cover the cost of defending claims in key area such as contract disputes, health and safety issues and tax protection. The Forum membership will protect your business to keep you on the right side of the law. If the worst does happen.

We also offer a free risk assessment for all members with 5 employees or more, (the point at which you have to document all of your processes and procedures), to make sure you have solutions tailored to your individual business.

The Forum also feels that, rather than offering support if members get into trouble, we should be placing far more emphasis on preventing trauma from happening. No matter how good the insurance is, it is better not to get into trouble in the first place. Although insurance reduces the financial burden, businesses still have to manage the cost in terms of the time and worry involved in dealing with any issue.

In 2020 the Forum has decided to work more closely with rradar, our legal services partner, to provide more proactive, preventative tools and services for our member businesses and we will deliver these in a practical way that is easy for you to implement. If we start to act in a more proactive manner, we will be able to make sure you are compliant, reduce risks and give you more time to be able to focus on your business.


Legal expense Insurance cover summary

For Sole traders with Zero employees the cover included in the policy is outlined below:

Insured Events
Appeals against notices under Health and Safety at work Act.
Tax protection
Contract Disputes
Debt Recovery


For Small businesses with a maximum turnover of £10million, the sections of cover included in the policy are outlined below:

Insured Events
Prosecution Defence for Employers & Employees (inc. Health and Safety Appeals)
Tax protection
Contract Disputes
Debt Recovery
Employment Disputes & Compensation Awards
Property Disputes
Statutory License Protection
Data Protection
Jury Service
Bodily Injury

Note: You must contact the Forums membership helpline on 01565 626001 at the outset of a dispute and follow the advice given. It is a condition of the insurers liability that you seek and follow advice from the Forum as soon as you become aware of a situation that may give rise to an employment dispute, including but not limited to carrying out disciplinary, dismissal or redundancy action, if an employee walks out with or without notice, varying the terms and conditions of employment, upon notification of a complaint of discrimination.

Whatever the business issue the Forum can help as long as you have followed the advice given from our member helpline. All issues need to be discussed in the first instance to make sure your business is covered for the issue in question.

To join us or if you have any further queries please contact our membership advisors on 01565 626001 or email. Full T&C's apply which can be found here.

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