Business rates appeals - act before 31st March!

Act now to ensure you claim – less than 40 working days to review your business rates valuation. On the 1st of April 2015 new proposed legislation will prevent historic claims.

Contact the Forum today to get your review under way before the deadline

The government has recently announced a proposal which, if carried through Parliament, will save the Exchequer millions of pounds in business rebate rebates… but this is bad news for businesses who are being overcharged.

It is proposed that if the Valuation Office (who set the business rates valuations) receive a business rates appeal on or after 1 April 2015 then the earliest they will back date any changes is that date. The billing authority (i.e. the local council) will only backdate any business rates rebate to that same date. Businesses will continue to have full legal rights to appeal their rating assessment.

The Valuation Office advised on 22 January 2015 that "Legislation to give effect to the changes has yet to be enacted so specific detail of how the revisions will operate is not yet known". But the view is that the government wishes to rush this legislation through before the election.

Reductions negotiated as a result of appeals submitted by 31 March 2015 will continue to be backdated to 1 April 2010. So you can see the importance of getting your appeal in quickly otherwise your company could lose out on significant rebates going back five years.

So don’t let the Exchequer keep hold of money that should be your company’s! Act now by giving the Forum a call on 01565 626 001. We can help members by putting you in touch with our expert partner who will then get things moving quickly.

There is no upfront fee and only on successful appeal, our partner will take 35% of the total retrospective rebate received from your local council. Act now, the clock is ticking!