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10 top tips for finding a serviced office

Finding the perfect office can be a challenge for any company. Read on for our 10 top tips to ensure you consider all the relevant points before you sign on the dotted line.

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Finding the perfect office can be a challenge for any company. How do you know if you have found one? It is not just a matter of location and cost. Read on for our 10 top tips for finding a perfect office, to ensure you consider all the relevant points before you sign on the dotted line. Client facing offices First impressions count! It is important that any serviced office has a well maintained and presentable reception and meeting rooms. A scruffy reception is not going to impress clients when they come for meetings. IT services Find out if there is WiFi connectivity available, as this will make it easier to accommodate business growth without the inconvenience of fitting desks to Ethernet connections. It is also important to find out if your office space has a dedicated line connected to the Internet or whether it is shared. The more businesses that share the line will mean you have slower access to the Internet. Cost The cost of renting office space is one of the most significant outlays for any small or medium-sized business. The cost of renting office accommodation should not exceed 5% of your turnover. Flexibility Choose a serviced office where there are options to both grow and downsize. Whilst most smaller businesses hope to grow, it is always good to have the comfort of being able to downsize without the inconvenience of moving location. Staff facilities Having decent kitchen and toilet facilities is important for the company's staff morale. References Before moving into an office, always ask to speak to one of the current tenants to see what they feel about the building and the office staff. Transport links Ensure that your staff and clients can get to the office location as easily as possible. Choose an office location within a short taxi drive from the local train station or close to a motorway junction. Networking If possible, choose a serviced office that also accommodates other similar businesses. Networking with other like-minded companies will spark off new ideas for your own business. Hidden costs Beware of the many hidden costs that are often included in monthly bills. Serviced offices will charge extra for sending and receiving faxes, and for providing basic refreshments in meeting rooms. Staff personalities Running a business is not easy and you need friendly, helpful and understanding staff within the serviced office premises. Make sure that you meet everyone and get a good feeling for the support staff. About the author A database of more than 5,000 serviced offices makes Instant Offices the world's number one destination for office relocation. With more than 50 dedicated staff operating in all markets, Instant Offices is able to provide bespoke office solutions under budget, on time and above expectation.