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10 top tips to keep your PC safe from email viruses

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Email is a vital tool for most businesses and many of us don't remember how we ever lived without it. Unfortunately though, it is also a popular way to distribute computer viruses and malware.

However, there are some steps you can take to protect your business' IT systems and data.  

  • Only open email attachments from people that you know.     
  • Only open email attachments when you have been told to expect one.     
  • Never click onto a website link contained in an email unless you can completely trust the sender of the message and the web site it is linking to.     
  • Never respond to spam email messages – it will lead you to being targeted by other spammers.    
  • Never respond to emails that appear to be from your bank requesting passwords.    
  • Don't forward junk email, spam or "chain" emails – it wastes time and can make you a target.    
  • Be very careful which websites you visit – certain "unsavoury" websites, which you may be prompted to click through to from an email, can download malware without you even knowing it.     
  • Never install software from a website unless you are 100% happy you trust the vendor or provider.    
  • Always check the website address (called a URL) and make sure it is correct – some hackers will alter the URL of a more respected site very slightly and redirect you to a rogue site.    
  • If in doubt – don't! What is the worst that can happen if you don't reply to a suspect email or download an attachment? The consequences if you do can be far more damaging to your business.     

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