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Free Cyber Risk Management Tool

Protect your business from cyber threats with 3 months’ free access to a cyber risk management tool which can save your business up to £985*

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74% of small businesses had a security breach in 2015*

As more and more business moves online, cyber security issues are an increasing danger, costing companies of all sizes thousands of pounds and causing damage to reputation.

This service can reduce similar risks in your own business, including:

  • Hacking, viruses and fraud
  • Social media misuse
  • Misuse of company IT
  • Loss or theft of customer information
  • Loss or theft of devices  
  • Breach of contract by IT service providers
  • Breaches of data legislation.

To help your business navigate and manage these risks, Foum members are entitled to 1 months free access to Cyber AMI®, an affordable and easy-to-use cyber risk management system. The service is £25 per month thereafter with no minimum contract.


Benefits to your business

Cyber AMI® helps you access all you need to help your organisation achieve a standard of cyber security that would bear scrutiny, including the ability to access HR policies covering social media, internet and email misuse, supported by access to expert advice.

If you supply large organisations, they increasingly require that suppliers maintain an audit trail of their cyber risk protection for compliance purposes. Cyber AMI® includes a solution for this purpose, and a basis for you to achieve compliance with relevant security standards.

Plus, by using this system you are also beginning to accurately complete cyber liability insurance proposal forms and could get reduced cyber insurance premiums.

Many people believe that cyber crime is only an IT problem. It is much wider than that and can affect ANY small business. Don't delay, start protecting your business now. 


Updated 8th June 2016