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HMRC 2016 Key Messages

Here are the key messages from HMRC this month including details of helpful webinars that offer additional online support.

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Publication of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital consultation documents

HMRC has launched six Making Tax Digital (MTD) consultation documents.

The MTD Roadmap, published in December 2015, set out the government’s plans to deliver a fully digital tax service by 2020. These reforms are ambitious and radical and there is a lot to do before 2020.

There are six consultations that set out detailed plans on how the HMRC proposes to make tax digital and to simplify the tax system. There is more information on these consulations and how to get involved here. You can also watch the video which helps to explain it all.

Information on how to find out more about Making Tax Digital can be found via a programme of  webinars and face to face events across the UK. These will provide more detail on the consultations and will give listeners an opportunity to ask questions. Click here for more info. 

Agent Toolkits can also help Employers

HMRC has developed a range of twenty tax agent toolkits. Take a look at these popular toolkits for checklists and guidance on how to avoid the most common errors that are seen in tax returns.

Phishing happens in Small pools too!

Phishing is a serious problem as it causes distress, chaos and loss. Be vigilant by avoiding and reporting internet scams and phishing. Find out how to recognise a genuine HMRC contact and how to recognise phishing and bogus emails and text messages.

Setting up a Limited Company?

Look on our website for guidance covering setting up a private limited company and running a limited company.

Self – employed and applying for a mortgage?

Self-Assessment tax returns made via HMRC’s online services allows the printing of a tax year overview for any year and a tax calculation SA302  for the last 3 years. Both these documents are generally accepted as evidence of the income declared in a tax return,

What expenses can be claimed by the self-employed?

There are always concerns about what does or doesn’t count as an allowable business expense. To help, HMRC have produced an easy to follow e-learning product that will do just that: Self-employed business expenses. Why not save this link for handy future reference?

PAYE reporting on time to avoid late filing penalties

The June edition of Employer Bulletin 60  informs employers that penalties will not be charged for delays of up to three days when filing PAYE payroll information during the current tax year. Employers who persistently file after the deadline but within three days may receive a warning message or be considered for a penalty. Filing penalties will continue to be reviewed on a risk-assessed basis rather than be issued automatically.

Employment Allowance - check entitlement and make claim

The allowance could reduce your employers Class 1 National Insurance bill by up to £3,000 a year.

National Minimum Wage and Living Wage – paying the correct rate? 

Employers can check if they are paying the correct Minimum Wage for different types of work.

The Pension Regulator and Automatic Enrolment – what is involved

To find out about Automatic enrolment go to Automatic enrolment guide for business on GOV.UK.

HMRC payroll guidance for Employment Intermediaries

Does your business supply workers? Is your business aware of what must be done to make reports to HMRC when it does not operate PAYE on workers payments?

Intermediaries must make returns  with the details of all workers they place with clients. The return is a report (or reports) that must be sent to HMRC at least once every 3 months. The frequency of the reports to be submitted is left to the Intermediary to decide. The intermediary that has the contract with the client is responsible for sending the report (or reports). Find out if your business is an employment intermediary  and what will need to be done to make sure tax and National Insurance is paid correctly.

Security and Scams: Suspicious contact from ‘HMRC’ about tax?

HMRC will never make contact by email or text to notify a tax rebate, offer a repayment or ask for personal or financial details. If you receive a call from ‘HMRC’ and cannot verify the identity of the person making the contact do not disclose any personal details. A current ‘HMRC’ telephone scam is being widely reported online at who called/Number/02031295553. If in doubt contact us and report scams to Action Fraud or call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Webinars - offering you additional online support

Don’t miss out on our help and support for employers

If you have new employers and you want to get off to the right start with their responsibilities, or are more experienced and want to brush up on their knowledge, HMRC has the support they need. Places on these webinars are filled quickly so get your members to register immediately to avoid disappointment.


Whether your are new to VAT or are already registered, these webinars will provide you with up-to-date knowledge. 

Help in avoiding snags with VAT motoring expenses

Monday 19 September 10.00 to 11.00   Self-employment and your online tax return

Tuesday 20 September 09.00 to 10.00   Self-employment - your payments to HMRC

For more VAT help

View our short videos: What is VAT?VAT Record Keeping and How to submit your VAT return online.

Take a look at our VAT e-learning courses: VAT - Getting started and VAT - How VAT works.

More VAT webinars

These webinars will not only help with the basics of VAT, completing their VAT returns online and motoring expenses but will also give answers about the Flat rate scheme. 

Information about the different rates of VAT, what can and cannot be claimed and submitting a return:

Wednesday  21 September 13:00 to 14:00   VAT - now you are registered

Help in knowing what VAT motoring expenses can be claimed:

Thursday     22 September  13.00 to 14.00   VAT and motoring expenses

Get questions answered about the VAT- Flat Rate Scheme:

Friday          23 September  11.00 to 12.30   VAT Q&A – Flat Rate Scheme 

Find out what needs thinking about before starting a limited company

Monday   26  September  14.00 to 15.00  HMRC & Companies House working together

Are you claiming benefits and thinking about starting a business with the New Enterprise Allowance (NEA)?

Wednesday   28 September  12.30 to 13.30  New Enterprise Allowance guidance from DWP and HMRC

Joining a webinar

No special equipment is needed, use the links to receive an invitation and connect via the internet or any smart device.

Asking questions

Use the on-screen textbox and we’ll send a response.

Connect to more HMRC webinar support on GOV.UK  and HMRC YouTube playlist