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How to get the best deal on your business telecoms

In the current climate the first thing that people look for when changing any service or supplier is price; and understandably so, but when is a money saving offer too good to be true?

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The first thing that people look for when looking for a new telecoms service or supplier is the cheapest price - and understandably so. But when is a money saving offer too good to be true? Beware of hidden costs Telecom companies often advertise what - on the surface - look like very cheap products, such as broadband. But, to get the low advertised price, customers have to subscribe to other services as well, such as line rental and calls. Buyers beware, it is not just the face broadband price you need to be looking at. When shopping for broadband be sure that the company you are looking at is not charging more than the going rate for the other products they force you to purchase. Equally, call rates might seem to be saving you money but you need to pay attention to connection and termination charges, not just on landline calls but also on calls to mobiles. Check your bills Another aspect that is generally overlooked is ‘per minute' billing. This might seem insignificant but telecom suppliers who charge by the second as opposed to the minute could potentially save you a small fortune. You can even drill down further to research your telecoms savings by seeing if your telecoms provider rounds your call charges up to the nearest penny or to the nearest decimal point. Some telecoms companies even round to two decimal points. Again, this has the potential to save your business money. Make calls through your broadband line One way you can look at saving money on your call charges is by making calls through your broadband line. Some telecoms companies offer packages that enable you to make calls on your broadband line that are much cheaper than paying for line rental and call charges on a second phone line. Ask the experts Always discuss your business needs with your provider. They are the telecoms experts, so if anyone knows how to save money, they do. They may be able to suggest a money saving alternative that you had not considered previously. To find out how the Forum can help you get exclusive rates on calls, line rental, broadband, mobiles, BlackBerrys and VoIP solutions, call us on 0845 130 1722.