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How to save your business money on electricity and gas

Are you paying too much for your business elecricity and gas? Find out how to stop energy prices eating into your profits.

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Small businesses everywhere know that energy price increases are playing a far more important role in the fight to make a decent profit for their companies. Read on to find out if you could be overpaying your suppliers.

Hands up all those who think that the energy suppliers are benign benefactors giving the very best price for their gas and electricity? No?

Well you would be right; these suppliers are only interested in making their own profits for their shareholders. It is estimated that Forum members collectively pay over £1,500,000 more than they need for their energy supply every year!

This is because electricity and gas supply is always on tap and so most members make the excuse that they are too busy to get to grips with the problem, and push the action needed to the bottom of the pile.

Here is a little quiz: if you get all questions right then you are not among the over-payers, if you get half right then you might just get away with it, but if you have trouble with the last set of questions, then you are almost certainly included.

  • Who supplies your electricity and gas?
  • Do you know how much you pay per unit or kWh?
  • What sort of contract is in place for your supply?
  • Is it automatically terminated or is it ongoing?
  • Even if you have not signed anything for a number of years, you will have an agreement with your suppliers. Do you know your contract anniversary?
  • Does ‘E' for estimated, show on you bill with monotonous regularity?

If you're not sure, or this seems like a problem that you don't have the time to look into, help is at hand in the form of independent brokers and consultants who specialise in saving businesses money. Knowing where you stand can put you in a stronger position to challenge your bills or move to another supplier.

How the Forum can help

Forum members can take advantage of a free buying group service and get access to a number of brokers who will find you the best deal on everyday essentials - including utilities.

We'll review your bills for you and take the pain out of moving suppliers, and what's more we can usually guarantee you keep 100% of the savings. 

To find out how the Forum can save YOU money, call us on 0845 130 1722.