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Spring clean your website

Once you've got your business website up and running, it can be easy to just forget about it, but it's important to keep your website up to date and make sure that all the links are working.

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Once you've got your business website up and running, it can be easy to just forget about it, but it's important to keep your website up to date and make sure that all the links are working. Now is a great time to take the opportunity to follow our top tips and spring clean your website. Check your internal and outbound links There is nothing more frustrating for a website visitor than clicking on a broken link. If you've got a small website, you can probably check whether links go to the right place manually or, for larger sites, you can use a free link checker. You should also check any outbound links (those are links going to sites other than your own) to see if they are still relevant. For example, the web page you're linking to might still be there, but the content may have changed entirely. Stay up to date Imagine going to a website only to see that the latest news story is from September 2005! (This happens more often than you'd think). Your website should reflect who you are as a company, so if it looks like it's inactive and out of touch, the user will assume the same of your business. If your website is a simple brochure site, i.e. just a few pages about what you do and how to contact you, it may be difficult to see how you can keep it fresh and updated. Consider including a blog on your site, or even a feed from your Twitter account, so you can quickly update visitors on your recent activity. Search engines love new content, so keeping your website updated often can will keep your visitors happy and improve your position in search results. Check for accuracy As time goes by, facts and figures may change or become superseded by new statistics, so make sure that your content is factually correct. Compare and contrast Things move fast in the world of design, so if you had your website built several years ago, it could well look outdated by now. Look at the websites of your competitors or within your area of work. How does yours stack up against the rest? Check your website in different browsers Internet browsers, for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, are often updated and this can have an impact on the way your website looks. It's worth checking your site in a few browsers and, if you can, on a PC and a Mac just to see how others may be viewing it (you may be surprised!) Be objective Try to look at your website from your customer's point of view. You may know where everything is on your website, but can your customer find important information easily? If not then don't be afraid to change things. And if you can't be objective, ask someone you trust to be honest to do it for you. Improve your calls to action If your website gets lots of visitors but doesn't generate any sales or leads, you may want to review the content. Are you making it clear what you expect the visitor to do with the information you've given them? Make ‘add to cart' buttons clear and display contact details in a prominent position. How the Forum can help Getting your marketing right is crucial to the success of your business. As a member, we can provide you with the support, advice and guidance you need to improve your company's marketing activities, save time and money, and drive your sales. From sales literature, advertising, PR and events through to developing your marketing strategy, we can help you to effectively and efficiently achieve your goals. Call us now on 0845 130 1722 or email to find out more.