Care Home Open Day – 19th June 2015

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Care Home Open Day is about welcoming the public in to a home to see what happens behind the closed doors.  Many will be arranging events and activities with a theme for 2015 of The Arts & Older People and Valuing staff.  It’s a great opportunity to get involved with your local community as well as the residents of the home.  With open doors the care homes will welcome new faces to join in their activities or could you or your business provide support to local care home?

For many years now the care home sector has been blemished with the negative press from insufficient care of the elderly by staff and also the treatment of staff from employers.  So with the national day being put into place with its third year of running, it provides the chance for people to see that care homes do provide excellent living accommodation and care facilities for the elderly.

This UK national day is being supported by Sunrise Senior Living, Care England, Alzheimers Society and many more with the national day being a great success in 2014.

Care Home Open Day is about connecting people! We want to enrich the lives of the UK’s care home residents by reminding people that care homes in every community are filled with unique, intelligent and charming characters, and are also run by special people that really do care.

There are lots of information to be found on the National Care Home Day website.


Many care homes across the UK on the 19th June 2015 are opening their doors to their local communities.