At the Forum of Private Business, we pride ourselves on providing a high standard of service to all of our members.

If, however, you aren’t satisfied with the service you receive from us, we want to hear from you. We have in place a process for dealing with complaints to ensure that we handle them in a professional, effective and timely manner.

How to make a complaint

In the first instance, refer your concern/complaint to the original point of contact.

If this person fails to resolve the matter to your satisfaction and you wish to make a formal complaint, please write to:

Managing Director
Forum of Private Business
Ruskin Chambers
Drury Lane
WA16 6HA

Alternatively, email us at and mark your message for the attention of the Managing Director.

When you contact us, please provide as much relevant information as possible, including your member number (if applicable), a summary of your complaint and details of any contact you’ve already had with the Forum regarding the matter, plus any resulting actions.

How we handle complaints

Within 24 hours of receipt, all complaints are forwarded to the Managing Director’s Personal Assistant. If the matter can be resolved quickly and easily, we will do so.

If the matter requires a more formal investigation, it will be logged and monitored to ensure that we complete the investigation in a timely manner. The Managing Director’s PA will also make sure that effective action is taken, wherever appropriate, to address the issue(s) raised.

The Managing Director will write to the individual concerned within three working days to acknowledge receipt of his/her complaint.
Details of the complaint will be forwarded to the relevant senior manager/manager for investigation within 24 hours of receipt. The senior manager/manager must investigate the complaint within one week or receipt and record any action required in the complaints form.

On completion of the investigation, the senior manager/manager must return the complaint form to the Managing Director’s PA. The Managing Director will then write again to the individual concerned to let him/her know of the outcome of his/her complaint. We’ll also record this outcome in our complaints log.

All complaints are dealt with via our internal procedures and will be recorded for our own audit processes.

Our managers meet every month to consider all complaints that require formal investigation, as well as resultant actions and responses. Our Board of Directors does the same on a quarterly basis.