"If you've got some serious issues, somebody is listening"

Forum member Graham Hall owns Dewsbury Road Autos Ltd, a car part recycling business in Ossett, West Yorkshire. He completed one of the Forum's Referendum surveys and asked for his comments about an issue relating to scrap cars to be sent to his parliamentary representatives.  
A European Directive had lead to a reduction in the number of scrap cars Mr Hall receives, which has had a highly detrimental effect on his business. As he commented in response to Referendum: "I am now faced with a fight for survival after trading for 38 years." 
However, after the Forum made representations on his behalf, Mr Hall was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter from his Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Diana Wallis, who is also Vice President of the European Parliament. 

He was even more surprised when he received a call in November and was told she was in the area and would like to come and visit his business the very next day.  

Mr Hall said: "That sparked us into action. I was all geared up and she seemed to take all of our points on board. Her office has been in touch since and I think Mrs Wallis is going to put our point to the European Commission.  

"I know that the motor industry has been plugging away about this issue for years. It would be great if we got a result." 
When asked what he would say about Referendum to other members of the Forum, Mr Hall said: "Obviously the proof is there - if you've got some serious issues, somebody is listening!"

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