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July 2012 – January 2017

The Pensions Regulator publish monthly information on automatic enrolment, resulting from information submitted by employers when they complete their declaration of compliance.

All employers have up to 5 months from their auto enrolment staging date to provide the TPR with the information (ie employers who have staged from October 2016 may not yet have completed the declaration process and therefore may not be included in this report).

The information provided is the actual data received by TPR, there will be employers that have reached their staging date, who have automatically enrolled their eligible jobholders and who have not yet completed their declaration.

Head line figures have now been released from The Pensions Regulator for February 2017.

  • 401,462 employers have automatically enrolled jobholders
  • 7,279,000 jobholders enrolled into automatic enrolment pension schemes
  • 7,665 employers have automatically re-enrolled jobholders
  • 351,000 jobholders re-enrolled into automatic enrolment pension schemes

Employers who ignore their automatic enrolment duties could find themselves with a CCJ (county court judgement).  TPR have advised that the number of fines have again risen in proportion to the large number of employers now reaching their deadlines.

In order to show you what can happen if you do not comply correction the TPR are now issuing quarterly updates which provides information about cases they have dealt with and displays the powers they have used relating to automatic enrolment and associated employer duties.   This update is designed to help employers, their advisers and the pensions industry as a whole to understand the type of compliance and enforcement interventions that follow

Remember: Preventing non-compliance Don’t ignore your pension duties – it’s not worth risking your credit rating 

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