Do You Business Network?

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Networking your business means you have to be out there speaking to people on a regular basis about your business and to be positive and upbeat.  The essentials of business networking is about doing something each week that is a focus on networking for your business growth.

Plan, Focus and be Consistent

Business networking is a challenge and can be difficult but it can also give you the avenue of opportunity that you may never have discovered and this could lead to a valuable investment for your business growth.

In the words of Richard Branson “Business is all about personal contact, no matter how heavy your work load is … everyone can and should be a networker”

The Forums tips for networking and why it is great for business:

  1. Drive word of mouth recommendations, this is the best way to network, the more people that you are connected with and know you as a person and as a business person the more recommendations you will receive. The success of business today is built around referrals/word of mouth.
  2. Sharing knowledge between your network will have a benefit for business as well as your employees.  Networking helps with finding people with established and different experiences of business.  Successful business people are always happy to share knowledge and will be open to listening and helping others in business.
  3. Do you ever have a problem in finding new suppliers for your business and to a build a value for money relationship?  What ever type of supplier you are looking for you will be sure to find them at a networking event.
  4. Networking can help towards broader thinking to find new business activities and ideas to broaden the offering of your business to your customers.  It could be something as simple as a new way of marketing techniques that you hadn’t thought of.  Networking will help you identify these opportunities and then also lead to collaborations of two parties in business.
  5. Learning new ways to complete business transactions, learning news way to do business.  All business have their own unique way of working and some of their ways could fit your business.  Adapting new working practises from ideas received within networking sessions could be a benefit to your business.
  6. Everyone attending a networking event will have a common energy and commitment to doing well within their business.  Sharing the good and the bad times of business will inspire and ecourage fellow networkers.
  7. Communicating face to face with people is a great way to get your business message across instead of hiding behind a computer screen which is how a lot of people have worked over the last couple of years for instance. We are all guilty of doing this and sometime think it easier to do it that way but how are you going to get your brand known and ‘out there’.
  8. Finally although the main focus of a networking event is business you will also meet and form some great friendships that could help to develop your business.  At first it is hard to network especially if this is new to you, but talking is a powerful tool and it will be surprising what you get from it.

If you would like to attend a networking meeting in your local area take a look at our calendar events to see where we will be over the coming months.  Maybe you could starting your own networking event and have us work with you to develop a great networking group.