The EU Debate

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The Forum is not planning to tell anyone how to vote – there will be more than enough people doing this and we lobby based on our member’s feedback not the other way round.

We do have a few pointers though, which you can improve.

Do not believe any of the statistics you see. There is no evidence for any of them in terms of job gains, losses etc.  A trained economist or statistician could have a field day if they wanted and the Pro EU group is likely to be more prone to this than leave group but the same is true of both parties. Ultimately the idea that the fifth biggest economy in the World cannot function on its own is absurd although the country may need to change.

Do you trust the politicians in Westminster to deregulate? Arduous regulation such as written risk assessments could be removed as could regulation that is difficult to enforce such as shared parental leave.  There is evidence on both sides in this instance.

The actual deal is irrelevant to the way you vote. If you think it is a good deal you are more likely to be for staying in and reforming from within, if you think it is an appalling deal well then will you trust the same people to do the negotiating with the real deal-making needs to be done? There will be a period of time following a leave vote when the deal-making is crucial and if this does not work the default option is the World Trade Organisation terms.

Plan B is absolutely crucial: The ideal for many business owners is an entrepreneurial, free trade Britain without the regulation form the EU is likely to be problematic – if only the movement of labour is a crucial reason why people are likely to vote for leaving.  The UK has spent decades supporting inward investment rather than nurturing and scaling up SMEs in the UK and this may have to change if the UK decides to leave.  This is simply a case of good governance and the later this is done the weaker the position of both sides as the campaign to stay in will seem arrogant and cynical.

Be aware of how each vote will impact on you: Some businesses will benefit some will lose out, this will not change but good businesses will always find a way to trade profitably and continue to grow.  It is important that you are aware of the impact of your supply chain and your customers so you have a clear idea of what it will mean to you.  It may be that you are supplied, directly or indirectly by countries within the EU or your customers are.  Having a plan to diversify your supply chain and look for new clients is worth considering.

The Forum is planning to concentrate on the creation of a strategy for the country leaving the EU as it will make the debate more transparent and give people the option to vote as their head/heart dictates.