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The UK is bursting with entrepreneurial flair and ambition. With over five million micro, small and medium-sized businesses currently producing well over half of the country's GDP, we are the home of the bold decision maker.

The total number of small business keeps growing leading to an ever increasingly important role in the performance of the economy. But, and it is a big but we need to understand the reality of daily life for the risk takers. Financing is hard to find and difficult situations must be faced.

Running your own business is a journey and not a job. The challenges we encounter never really go away, they just change.

Starting and developing a successful business is one of the most rewarding things a person can do and not just financially. 

While in no way exhaustive we have a selection of guides ready for you to download, from planning to executing your own business journey, all produced from a trusted membership organisation the Forum of Private Business.

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