Bright Futures is a very caring organisation and all staff feel the same way, quoting "I would work with any of these people. I'd take them home because they're lovely. Not just the staff but the young people that we've got here as well. Everybody wants to be here, everybody enjoys what they're doing". The nature of the recruitment of new staff is very specific, so making sure that the right people fit with Bright Futures aims and missions needs to be a very caring place to be.

When Paul first joined Bright Futures he worked with another Director who worked closely with their bank, and it was their bank that introduced Bright Futures to the Forum as part of their package they offered. At the same time, they were with a different HR management company, and they felt they weren't quite getting the service that they wanted. Paul began to use the two together and built a relationship with the Forum which was much more conducive to their business, and now they have been a member for many years using us on a weekly basis. Our relationship is now one where Bright Futures can contact the Forum helpline and know our team on first name terms and we have a solid understanding of their business.

Bright Futures

Bright Futures have been through a number of incidences and the unfortunate position to go to an employment tribunal but they didn't look at this a negative, they looked at the tribunal as a positive and they learnt from this incidence. Paul then looked to develop business so that they didn't make the same mistakes again. Working with the Forum advisors and our legal advisors, Paul commented how very understanding of the circumstances we all were and we were able to make Paul and his team feel they hadn't done anything wrong, they were actually just like any other organisation going through a difficult time with a difficult employee.

Paul also comments "When you're in an organisation and you've come from a background where you have perhaps worked as part of a team in a big organisation, if you've got an employment issue you phone up your internal legal department and you get advice straight away. When you're in a small organisation, you obviously haven't got that resource available to you. To be able to phone the Forum and discuss the issue that you've got, even if you don't get an answer straight away you're just able to talk to somebody, talk around the issue, you know ideas can be suggested that you can perhaps then take forward. That I found for me personally very useful".

Bright Futures not only uses our Employment advice but also Health and Safety advice, keeping their policies and procedures up to date along with risk assessments.