My name is Bridget McCreery and I own "Knutsford Bloom", a florist in Knutsford, Cheshire and we have have had Bloom'premiseses here in Knutsford for for the last six and half years.  We started our first florist business back in 1980, so nearly 37 years.
Being a florist we attract a lot of weddings along with contract work and we have a lot of passing trade due to being in the centre of Knutsford town.
When we first started our floristry business we didn’t have the business support we needed and going back to 1980 we realise that we just didn’t have the support that you have now available to you. There were an awful lot of business decisions that we got wrong at the time but when we took on Knutsford Bloom we were determined that we were going to get it right from the beginning.  We needed to turn the business around and make it profitable and successful as soon as we could.
One of the first times we used the Forum of Private Business was when we needed the HR support. We had an employment issue that we wanted to look into and were unsure about where or how to start. The Forum supported us and they became a great knowledge base for us and we have now used the Forum for any query about 'business' we may have.  We find the Forum are a great help to our business and certainly a great support.
If anybody approached me and said they were starting a new business I would say "get involved straight away and join the Forum of Private Business". They’re there right from the beginning of starting a business and they have got so much information available for members, so much help that they can give. There's no point in trying to go it alone. Make the most of it and join.