The Forum of Private Business responds to the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum

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Commenting on the result of the referendum on Scottish Independence, Phil Orford MBE, Chief Executive of national small business organisation, the Forum of Private Business, said:

“The fact that Scotland’s business owners and leaders spoke out on both sides of the debate highlighted the difficulty faced by many employers and employees when deciding on which way to vote.

“Many of our members and other small businesses owners will be relieved with the outcome, given the uncertainty for business which has been created throughout the campaign, which would have surely continued in the event of a yes vote. Others will be frustrated having seen business opportunities in an independent Scotland.

“For all business owners, regardless of the way they voted, it is now vital that they focus on growing their businesses over the coming years with a relative platform of stability. The Forum of Private Business will ensure their voice is heard by Scotland’s leaders to help positively influence the use of additional powers that Westminster has already promised to grant them.”