Forum of Private Business responds to Vince Cable’s announcement on employment law reform

"The Department for Business must ensure this is the final consultation on dismissal proposals before policies are taken forward. Compensated no fault dismissal was knocked out at the first hurdle – the call for evidence – though no sensible debate could be achieved when the Department for Business rubbished the idea before anyone had a chance to response. We hope for a more sensible debate around settlement agreements," said the Forum's Chief Executive, Phil Orford.

"If government wants to achieve growth it must allow businesses to adapt themselves as they see fit. Often, staff changes can lead to greater productivity but the hoops businesses currently have to go through to achieve this can be lengthy and damaging to the business. As much as positive changes to tribunal processes have been welcomed, you solve a problem at its source. This is a time for actions, not consultations."

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Forum of Private Business responds to Vince Cable's announcement on employment law reform.