Forum of Private Business visits Cornwall Business Forum

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60 businesses from around the area attended, set up their tables and the public showed their interest from 9.00am untill the show closed at 16.00pm.

Locally made jam and chutney was popular as were the famous Cornish Pasties that are made in Lostwithiel.  Cornishman Colin Ward from the Forum of Private Business set up his stand at the entrance to the show and was busy from opening time to closing time. When asked what had kept him busy for most of the day, he replied

“Apart from riding round the show on a Segway, answering questions from people wanting to start businesses, and doing interviews for the TV and radio interviewers.”

“If all the Cornish people who spoke to me actually start a business, then the future for Cornwall looks rosy. It always has been a good place for local people to start a business and if innovation is the name of the game, then some of the people I have spoken to today are ahead of the game.”

“Holiday makers, good food and first class weather have been the main selling points for Cornwall for years, but some of the current businesses exhibiting here today are most innovative. My visit to Lostwithiel today has made me even more proud to be Cornish.”  

Enquiries poured in from new and existing businesses and such was the interest that a collection for the local care home, looking after children who are seriously ill, raised the magnificent sum of £1,800. A cheque for this amount was presented to representatives of the Home at the closing ceremony by Kevin Oliver.