Forum responds to David Cameron’s speech at the Conservative Party conference

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Responding to the Prime Minister David Cameron's speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester today (2nd October), Phil Orford MBE, Chief Executive at the Forum of Private Business, said:

"The Prime Minister's speech today was high on ideology and low on new policy but unequivocal in backing business and entrepreneurs. The Prime Minister is right that profit and enterprise are not dirty words. Profit is the driving force for many in setting up a small business and enterprise is the backbone of any innovating nation.

"We are also pleased to see the recognition that it is not government that creates jobs, it's businesses. We welcome government work around the frameworks to help support job creation but ultimately businesses pay the salaries.

"On export, businesses are in a global race and we are reassured to see the recognition that such a race isn't a race to the bottom on wages and rights. It's a race of innovation and enterprise. New markets are our new customers, not our role models and that understanding is key for all parties.

"Big business, entrepreneurs and exporters were all praised specifically by the PM and all businesses were thanked for toughing it through the recession. It is true to say that many businesses have had to focus on survival not growth during those years. What they need from the PM is follow up those thanks with some further simplification of regulations and further support for the ‘new' squeezed middle, the many small businesses that populate the high streets."

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