Forum welcomes new 2020 Tax Commission report calling for changes to the UK tax system

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"The Forum welcomes much of what is included in this report, which drew heavily on our own research and the data we supplied in oral evidence last year to the committee compiling it.
"As all businesses know only too well, the current tax system in the UK is notoriously complex. It stifles economic growth and therefore affects living standards across the country. This is why there is a great need for root-and-branch change to the current system, which is ripe for reform.
"Now more than ever the country requires a tax system that is fair, simple, and proportionate for everyone who pays in. Crucially, the finished product must also encourage economic growth and jobs  – none of which the current system does with any aplomb.
"We particularly welcome the report's suggestion of a cut in fuel duty by 5p. This would be a well received shot in the arm for small businesses up and down the country, showing that ministers are listening to the concerns of SMEs, and understand the problems high pump prices have for people right across the country.
"We also make particular acknowledgement of the report's suggestion to merge Income Tax and National lnsurance. This would make the system much simpler for firms and encourage more entrepreneurs to start up in business."
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Senior Policy Adviser at the Forum Of Private Business, Alex Jackman, comments on today's report by the Tax Payers' Alliance.