Forum’s Response to the Spring Budget 2017

The Forum responded to the Spring Budget 2017 with a 4 out of 10 with a that continued pressure on small businesses and the self-employed is short sighted as we look to Get Britain Trading again.

The Forum will continue to lobby for a fairer system which affects all businesses equally across the high street, big business and online businesses. Pushing ahead with rises, whether capped or not, does not solve the underlying issue, and we will continue to see high street business exists until this is resolved.

For small business owners, there are more negatives than positives in this budget with the uncertainties of Brexit, businesses are looking for a sympathetic ear. Those with increased business rates in the South and London might have been heard, but most small business owners will be unimpressed with the Chancellor’s lack of commitment to the high street, and hard working family businesses.

“Squeezing the smaller employers and self-employed who make up a large part of the UK economy is not clever,” Forum of Private Business tells Chancellor.

I think the Government continue to neglect the small business sector at a time when they need them, to help Get Britain Trading more productively.