Franchising Great News For Business

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Perhaps you know little about franchising and are interested to understand franchising in greater detail and why it may be relevant to your business, the franchising experts at Franchise UK have put together this useful article on franchising explaining why franchising may be the logical next step forward to grow your business.

Choosing A Franchise Consultant

Most of our clients initially make contact with Joel or another of Franchise UK consultant through an initial no obligation telephone call 01323-332838.  During this call the franchise expert can quickly assess whether your business could be a suitable concept to franchise.  If after the initial discussion you would like to progress matters we can arrange a FREE meeting to discuss the pro’s and con’s of franchising. 

The most important thing our experts do is listen, unlike many other franchise consultants we tailor the franchise so it is the right fit for your business, rather than squeeze your business into a pre-determined process.  All of Franchise UK’s experts will advise if your business is suitable for franchising, and how long the process would be likely to take and the costs involved, often business owners are pleasantly surprised with this information.  You can be assured that if for any reason the consultant felt the business was not ready to be franchised they would explain why and give advice on what the business owner may need to do to get the business franchise ready.

Choosing the right franchise consultant to hire is crucial.   Fees will vary greatly between consultants, Franchise UK offer a monthly fixed fee, which can often work out cheaper than paying upfront, and is cash flow friendly to the core business or if the client prefers a fixed cost set-up. One of the major advantages of selecting Franchise UK to help you franchise is their portfolio of 47 franchise and business websites from which to market the newly created franchise opportunity, one of the pitfalls that many smaller franchisors fall down is having the necessary funds to effectively market their opportunity, successful marketing is key to recruiting the best franchisees.  This valuable marketing resource is included with Franchise UK.

Why Should I Consider Franchising My Business?

Franchising forms a major part of the UK economy according to

Natwest’s 2013 BFA Franchise Survey finding that 92% of the 39,000 franchise outlets in the UK turning a profit.

Franchising employs around 561,000 people and has an annual turnover of £13.7bn.

It is no surprise why many UK companies decide to franchise rather than risk slow growth via the organic route. Franchising can accelerate a businesses growth with little risk.

A key question that you need to consider is whether your business model could be replicated in another location by another individual, if the answer is yes speak to an Franchise UK franchising expert  on 01323 332838 for FREE no obligation advice.


About Franchise UK: Based in East Sussex, Joel Bissitt, 44, founder of Franchise UK become an entrepreneur at the tender age of 19, working in the family furniture business gave him an excellent grounding and head for business, Joel quickly set-up his own business and has sold various businesses that he had created from scratch often on a shoestring budget.  Joel has vision and determination and above all a keen interest in the SME market, Franchising and Search Engine Optimisation.  Franchise UK has helped many businesses to franchise.  Joel’s professional friendly approach coupled with his business experience and skills have helped many businesses to franchise in a diverse range of industry sectors.