Business needs a solution to the current Brexit impasse, business needs the Government to plan and deliver a solution so that business can get on with doing business and Government can start to deal with the many issues it is ignoring while it deals with the Brexit conundrum. The Forum believes that the time it is taking to achieve Brexit is as damaging to UK business as the no deal Brexit that many of them fear!


We have a general business helpline, not just HR and legal, so if you have a question on Brexit you can ring or email us and we will do our best to help, if not immediately then we will find out and get back to you.

True Leadership on Brexit Issues

We have issued our members a 10 point Brexit plan which lays out or member expectations very clearly and we will hold the government to account on each of the 10 points we raised. Read the document.

Clear Direction

Regular analysis of what's going on and online contact with other member's views and experiences.


At a time when we are told costs to business are likely to increase we are able to help our members make further significant savings, for example, our members are immediately enrolled in the Buying Support Agency, a buying group that on average can reduce key business costs by up to 20%.

Reduction of Red Tape

While we can't directly reduce this we can act as a translator for you turning complex government communication on Brexit into simple and clear to understand communication with clear action steps that you and your business can follow.








Further Communications around Brexit can be found below:

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