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Isa Maria Seminega

Isa Maria Seminega owns Noisette Marketing, a creative marketing and PR agency that supports, advises and encourages creative businesses. In her spare time, Isa also runs Croydon Mums in Business, a support and networking group for local mums thinking of starting a business or for start-ups who need support. Isa is supporting Get Britain Trading and it looks like she's already on the case herself! We asked her about her motivations for supporting the campaign.

Why have you joined the Get Britain Trading campaign?
"I joined the campaign because I think it's vital that small businesses get the support they need to succeed. Small businesses drive the economy, with over 75% of British businesses being sole traders, and yet still we have to struggle to get help from the Government."

What is your key message to the Government?
"It's time to take small business seriously. No more empty promises of help, it's time for action. Come to grassroots level, talk to business owners and find out where we need help. It is not just about trying to get a business loan from the bank, but a basic level of support and guidance. Start at the bottom of the scale and work up. The success of the British economy depends on the success of small British businesses and it's time for the Government to take that seriously."

Do you have any Get Britain Trading advice for other businesses?
"We have entered the social media age, which provides a great opportunity to reach masses of people - at little or no cost. I would advise small firms to leverage these methods to connect with your customers, interact and add value to relationships. Social media is low cost and no other marketing methods can connect you with so many people at one time. It is also increasingly being used to connect local business communities. If you want to find more business, use social media."

Do you have any good news to share about your business at the moment?
"I've recently been able to add to my team by using a number of talented freelancers to help on a project-by-project basis. It's exciting as it means I can concentrate on other aspects of the business without having to turn down work because I'm busy. As a stay-at-home mum of two young children, I'm doing what I love whilst helping to Get Britain Trading!"

How is your business helping to Get Britain Trading?
"Our local business enterprise has closed down due to government cuts so there is currently nothing in Croydon to help people who wish to - or have no option but try to - make a living for themselves. I myself was made redundant in 2009. I felt worthless and embarrassed and my self-esteem plummeted trying to find work in a recession. Instead of continuing to feel this way, I started a business offering my knowledge to other business owners and it has gone from strength to strength. I really hope that I can prevent as many people as possible from feeling the same way I did by offering my support and encouragement using social media like Twitter."
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