The Get Britain Trading manifesto is based on the views of thousands of small businesses throughout Britain.

We are lobbying for the Government to Get Britain Trading by implementing changes to make it simpler and more profitable to run a small business. If we can achieve this then we will give the economy a much needed boost for the benefit of small firms, as well as everyone who lives in Britain.

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In order to Get Britain Trading, we are campaigning for measures in the following key areas:

Improving cash flow

Cash flow issues are holding businesses back, preventing them from growing and in turn from creating more jobs. We are campaigning for finance to be more easily accessible for viable small businesses and for measures to support firms that are being hit by late payment.

Making tax simple and proportionate

We recently asked small firms how the business environment could be improved and the top two requests were to make tax system fair and simple. Get Britain Trading sets out the actions required in order to achieve this.

Creating employment and improving skills

Employment law must be simplified in order to encourage growth and enable businesses to take on new staff. The gap between skills requirements of small businesses and training offered in schools, colleges and universities must also be bridged.

Reducing business costs

More smaller firms are suffering from unaffordable business inflation than at any time over the last three years. We want protection for small firms from unfair treatment by utility companies and measures to limit the impact of the rising cost of fuel.

Creating opportunities for growth

Businesses must be freed from time-consuming bureaucracy and provided with support in the right areas in order to have the chance to grow. Assistance is required for firms looking to export and the procurement process must open up to small businesses.

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