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We do not accept advertising in any of our publications. We only accept unique editorial content.

If you would like to contribute content to any of our publications, please read through the following points before writing your article:

  • All content must be suitable for the Forums audience, it must be well-written and an original/unique article. We do not accept blog articles that have been published in their entirety elsewhere online.
  • Blogs and tips articles are not intended to be adverts for your business or press releases. They should be strictly editorial and offer advice or insight to our readers. Any blatant promotions for your business and links to your website throughout the article will be removed in editing. You do however get a paragraph at the end to talk about and include one link to your business.
  • Keep articles to between 350 and 550 words. Be concise – long-winded paragraphs do not work well. If your article is longer, break up long sections of text with headings.
  • We find that tips and list articles work well with our readers as it breaks the text up into easy-to-digest steps, i.e. ’10 top tips on XXX’ or ‘5 steps to a better XXX’. Always include a short introduction.
  • We do not feature articles about products that conflict with our own membership services. If you’re unsure email with a brief summary of your article idea to find out if this is something of interest.
  • Before submitting an article, please search our website to make sure we have not already published something similar. Try to think of a new, original way to cover a subject.
  • The content must have broad appeal. In other words, it must be useful to the majority of smaller businesses, not just specific sectors. However, we do accept articles specifically for start-ups, sole traders and employers.
  • We reserve the right to edit your article. This usually means that we will correct any typographical or grammatical errors. If we make any changes that could change the meaning of your article we will consult you first.
  • The paragraph at the end, entitled ‘About the author’, should be approximately 50 words. This paragraph should say what your business does and should include contact details such as a web address, email address or phone number.
  • To submit articles for inclusion in our communications email