Have you replaced your old Health and Safety Law Poster yet?

The health and safety poster is one of the must haves featured on office walls up and down the UK, but have you recently checked that this is up to date? Failing to check you have right information displayed could land you in deep trouble should the Health and Safety Inspector pay an unexpected visit.
• Did you know that the "old" (1999) Poster (or Leaflet) must be replaced with the "new" 2009 Poster or Leaflet no later than 5 April 2014?

• Did you know that the HSE set a 5-year transition period to help you replace "old" Poster and Leaflet?

As an Employer, the additional information you have to provide in writing, by inserting this in the appropriate boxes on the "new" 1999 Poster (or by giving it to workers with the "new" 1999 Leaflet), is:

• The name and address of the Enforcing Authority.

• The address of the office of HSE's Employment Medical Advisory Service (EMAS) for the premises concerned.
Further information can be found on the Health and Safety Executive web site.
Martin Mulholland is a consulting Partner at MD Safety Management (www.mdsm.org.uk) who prepare the FPB Health and Safety Guide and also provide Health and Safety services to small to medium-sized businesses across a wide range of industry sectors.
Martin Mulholland

The Forum's adviser on health and safety issues, Martin Mulholland provides a quick reminder on checking that those health and safety posters around your office are up to date.