Hazardous Equipment in the Pub Environment

Following on from our previous blog ‘Health and Safety in the Pub Environment’ we are now going to look at the equipment that all pubs will have and the hazards that come along with these.

Pressurised Equipment

There is a risk of explosion from over-pressurisation from beer pump systems or faulty/damaged cylinders. Again staff who have been trained to use the equipment should use it. Any damage to equipment needs to be reported immediately.


All staff and customers are at risk from a fire or explosion if the equipment is not properly looked after. Make sure that the boiler for the pub is checked, and serviced annually by a professional engineer. Staff need to be told to report a gas issue straight away if they think something is not right.

CO2 Leakage

When changing barrels and soft drinks dispensers in cellars. The only members of staff who should be changing barrels are the ones who have been trained to do so. Cellars also need to be ventilated with adequate low-level ventilation.


Both staff and customers are at risk of electric shocks from faulty/damaged, wiring or electrical equipment. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure that all wiring is checked every five years throughout the building by a qualified electrician. Regular PAT testing needs to be done also by an electrician. All staff members need to be told when to spot a fault such as a damaged plug or cable. All staff should also know where the fuse box for the building is, in case the electricity needs to be turned off as an emergency.

Hazardous Substances

Employees can suffer from chemical burns or develop dermatitis from contact with using cleaning chemicals, whilst cleaning the building. All chemicals need to be checked and reviewed regularly and handled with care and safety materials such as gloves. Staff need to be informed about skin care when washing glasses and handling dishwasher chemicals. PPE should always be used when using strong chemicals to protect employee’s hands and eyes.

Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) found in building

All staff carrying out normal activities are at a very low risk of asbestos, while maintenance workers are at a higher risk when working on the building.  No work can be done on the building till a survey by a professional body has been carried out. All staff will also need to report any accidental damage immediately.


Fire is a risk anywhere in pubs, staff or customers could be trapped and suffer from smoke inhalation or burns. To avoid this, it is vital that a fire assessment is done. A manager should always check that fire exits work and are always clear. Whilst all staff should be trained on how to get out the building and guide others out to ensure everyone is safe.